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Armoured multipurpose vehicles Perun intended for military and secondly also police use provide an unparalleled level of protection against pistol and rifle fire as well against the blast of mines and IEDs. The vehicle offers wide variability of the configuration and installation of a large amount of special equipment, as well as excellent driving and manoeuvring abilities (for example steerable rear axle for operation in confined urban or terrain areas). Although it is open-top vehicle, it provides unparalleled level of crew blast protection. Shortly after the concept unveiling the vehicle was selected by the Czech Army for its special operation group.

The concept of vehicle fully designed by SVOS spol. s r.o. includes several patent-protected solutions. During the development SVOS spol. s r.o. utilized its genie knowledge in the area of vehicles protection against pistol and rifle fire as well against the blast of mines and IEDs as well as experience in the long-term remote service support.

With respect to the SVOS spol. s r.o. global experience, Perun is ready to be deployed in any environment, regardless of the climate, temperature, terrain or the level of service support.

PERUN 4X4 terrain testing

PERUN 4X4 and VEGA 6x6 vehicles passed another heavy terrain test, this time in very rocky and unpaved area. The reason was the confirmation of vehicles and their undercarriages capabilities during fast speed driving in terrain with ascents and descent drives up to 45° angles including side slopes. Several hours of testing with complete crew and fully equipped systems proved extreme agility of both vehicles and incredible speed in the terrain. During the tests also the qualities of B.O.I.S. company masking system were proven, as in some areas the vehicle naturally merged with the surrounding environment. Also those tests confirmed that we can guarantee unparalleled terrain characteristics of oud vehicles and operators can use them even in areas where normally tracked vehicles are used.  

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