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The concept of the off road vehicles construction determinates this class for operation on unpaved surfaces with potential use in dangerous zones of the world. With a maximum focus on sustaining of the terrain driving capabilities, SVOS spol. s r.o. proposes a various level of ballistic and blast protection of those vehicles allowing their operation in very dangerous areas with maximum protection of the crew and still minimum visibility of the protective features. The modifications can include both protective and active defence matters.
SVOS spol. s r.o. can offer a complex service consisting of the new car purchase and its modification, or just a modification of the vehicle supplied by the customer on his own.
Due to the company´s flexibility and vast experience SVOS spol. s r.o. offers modifications of a wide spectrum of OEM off-road vehicles from the middle class up to the top one with the modification affecting only in a minimum way the durability and robustness of the vehicle.

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